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Carte Blanche Café Co. 

Personal and corporate gifting has never been better!

Giving thoughtful, meaningful gifts can be challenging... And we all know the best way to celebrate is with food. Whether you’re celebrating a special day, showing your appreciation, or simply spreading a little love, Carte Blanche makes the perfect gift!


Carte Blanche will be the best gift to give for any occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, staff appreciation, congratulations, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and more! Let us help you give the a thoughtful and delicious gift! 

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Personal Gifting

To send one of our products as a gift, simply create an order as usual but make sure to put the giftee's address and phone number in the shipping address and your address in the billing address at checkout. If you would like a message sent along with the gift order, write it in the special requests field! 

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting allows you to show your appreciation, while making an impact on your customers and employees. We promise that everyone who receives Carte Blanche won't forget the gesture! 

Carte Blanche is a fresh, unique take on a corporate gift.  Make an impression on your clients or employees with our charcuterie boxes or coffees!

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