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About Carte Blanche

Allow us to introduce ourselves...


Meet the owners

Bryan and Robyn met in 2015 at a pharmacy conference in Vancouver, stayed in touch over the years, and in 2020, Robyn made the move to Thunder Bay from her hometown in Saskatchewan.   

Bryan and Robyn are entrepreneurial, busy and energetic, so in addition to being pharmacists, owning and operating Oak Medical Arts, real estate, etc., they followed their love of coffee and charcuterie and opened Carte Blanche Café Co in December 2020.

What was once Bernie's Upholstery, has now been transformed into a café delivering delicious drinks and artisanal charcuterie!

When you visit Carte Blanche, you'll see personal touches all over the cafe; from Robyn's coffee photos from all around the world to the names of some of our coffee beverages, like the Prairie Sunrise  (named after the Saskatchewan skies). 

carte blanche

/kärt ˈblänSH   |   noun

complete freedom to act as one wishes

a clean slate; a fresh page; a blank cheque

write your own story; choose your own path

This is where you savour, slow down and enjoy a delicious coffee or a
beautiful charcuterie box. Meet your best friend or your mom for a coffee.
Where connection is possible and conversation is sweet. 


Creating moments that bring joy; a pause to enjoy a coffee, a space to be inspired,
a gift to bring to a loved one or a delicious treat that makes your day brighter.

Our name reminds you that life is as you choose it, that anything is possible
and you are the author of your story. 

Seize the moment + embrace the Carte Blanche

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