our story


meet the owners, 
robyn + bryan

it all began with big windows and a busy corner. robyn and bryan met four years ago at a pharmacy conference in vancouver. in the spring of 2020, while everyone’s lives were changing and the world was hit by a global pandemic, they spent their weekends travelling to see one another. that is until robyn decided to pack up and move across the prairies to thunder bay, which ignited the start of this passion project.

carte blanche was created based on robyn and bryan’s favourite things; charcuterie, coffee, wine and of course, people. what once held a long-standing bernie’s upholstery, is now home to a new dining experience. one focused on simplicity, slowing down and enjoying the little things.


starting a business in the height of a pandemic has its risks, but carte blanche has received love and support from thunder bay and people all around canada. our cafe came second to our charcuterie business. what started off with the basics has grown into a display of hot and cold drinks that are representative of robyn’s relationship to the prairies. like the ‘prairie sunrise’, a vanilla and caramel latte with a gradient that mirrors that of the sun dipping below the flat horizon in saskatchewan.

carte blanche is more than a place you go to eat and enjoy a coffee, it’s about creating lasting experiences, being present, and slowing down long enough to enjoy the moment. 


this is where you seize the moment and embrace the carte blanche