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- location -

389 Oliver Rd

Thunder Bay, ON P7B 2G1

(807) 770-2252

- hours -

- features -

pick-up times

mon-fri 12pm-6pm

sat-sun closed

artisan charcuterie
signature coffee

special order vino (coming soon)

our name

carte blanche

/kärt ˈblänSH   |   noun

complete freedom to act as one wishes

a clean slate; a fresh page; a blank cheque

write your own story; choose your own path

why carte blanche?


we want this to be so much more than a place you have food + drink this is where you savour, slow down, breathe + enjoy


a place you come to meet your best friend, a place you bring your mom for a morning coffee


this is where connection + conversation is priority, where you choose presence + intention, where you have gratitude + reflection 


this is where you are reminded that life is as you choose it, that anything is possible, that you are the author of your story


 sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference; a worthwhile + familiar pause to enjoy a cup of coffee, a morning spent catching up with a friend, a long hug, a photo to remember a meaningful moment, two deep breaths + a smile

and this is where you seize the moment + embrace the carte blanche

carte blanche

cafe | charcuterie | vino

est. 2020


389 Oliver Rd
Thunder Bay, ON P7G 2G1

(807) 770-2252